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If you would like to be considered for our roster, send us your music. BUT make sure you follow the instructions below down to a T. Your music won't be listened to if it is not submitted appropriately.


Note that we are charging a $5 submission fee due to the amount of work involved in listening to your music meticulously and deciding for or against signing you. We will listen to each submission. We won't be able to give you feedback on your music or reasons for our dismissals. Not all music that we turn down is considered substandard. However, since we do not charge anything to release your single or album, we will only select music that we think stands a chance on getting featured on the radio, webzines, blogs or other publications.


If you are chosen, you will sign a contract with MBTM Records and your music will be released to over 600 sites world-wide via our mainstream distribution and offered to movie and TV companies for inclusion. Note that we do not release music that's been released already. Having said that, please send us your best song even if it is out already. If we like it, we'll ask you to send us a brand new, unreleased tune. If we like that tune as much as we liked the one you originally submitted, we'll release it.

To submit, use the PayPal button below. When paying, make sure that the recipient gets $5. Once you've paid the $5, email us ( your PayPal receipt along with the following: a link to your best song (we will listen to only one song) and a link to your webpages or your Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Spotify profile.

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